Sunday, June 5, 2011

Safe Natural Diet For Body

Natural diet tips Many who desire the ideal posture, not only women, men also want an ideal and healthy body. Shortcuts are usually implemented is by taking health supplements. But in reality, taking supplements or other chemicals that are dangerous to the body, especially the liver to prevent toksinasi in the body.
If you feel that your weight away from what you expect, then the solution is right for you to do is with a natural diet. The impression may be difficult, it may be difficult even to start, but if you are aware of your health, natural diet will be easier. Why, because doctors would definitely recommend you to a natural diet instead of having to eat different kinds of "products" that can be dangerous.
How to begin?
The first thing you should know is how much your ideal weight, how easy is it calculated Ideal Body Weight = (Height - 100) - (high of 10% -100)
For example: If you are 150 cm tall, then your body weight (150-100) - (10% x (150 - 100) = 50-5 = 45 kg.
By knowing the ideal weight, you can begin to determine your natural diet plan!Natural diet tips
1. Avoid bad habits
What bad habit? Like what?
Try to reflect back to yourself, how your eating habits over the years, regular or not, you eat snacks, cigarettes, etc.. Not forgetting with fast food, you should start trying to reduce them. This is why starting a natural diet can be difficult.
2. Eating fruits and vegetables
Evidence, in Indonesia, the consumption of fruits and vegetables are still very minimal! Instead of salt and sugar (which should only be 5% / day) more precisely. The paradigm for this change can only be started from our own, right?
3. Break
Indeed, influential? Yes! People who have a regularity in the balance, the opportunity to have a larger ideal body weight than those who do not regularly in the rest. This is naturally the easiest diet tips that can be done:)
4. Sports
Many assume that the sports complex, expensive and time consuming. In fact we can work with a flexible muscles, such as stretching, push-ups, gymnastics, and many more which of course we can do at home though! The point is to activate the muscle and burn fat.

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